Marry the Witch: A tale of love and witchery.

Love the Witch: Love frozen in the heart.

Feed the Witch: Love stolen in a nightmare.

Darkest Night: There is no sanctuary from the darkest night.

Dream Time: Deadly dreams stalk the residents of a small town.

After the Curfew: A boy discovers what goes bump in the night after his curfew.

Are you afraid to die?: Step into my den, light up a cigar (if you are so inclined), and think hard about the question that I have posed.

Beautiful Catrina: Chattering bones south of the border.

The Stockyard: The fog drags the last few ghosts into the stockyard.

Cook the Witch: One of the Commodore’s Wives is not so sure she chose the right meat this time for her special stew.

Demolition Derby: A man finds his way in the rough and tumble of a real estate deal.

Devil’s Recruit: A feature film treatment about a man seeking out the serpent warriors who kidnapped his daughter.

Dark Dreams and Cocktails: You’re in my dream, and I’m in your reality.

A Little Side Party: We gods assemble in the den, light up our cigars, and listen to a story.

Devil Surfers Riding the Air: Come in out of the heat, won’t you?

Unwanted Overtures: Do I see fear in your eyes?

Spellbound Guests: Ask yourself if in the distance you also hear the cackle of the witch.

No More Time: A man on the run to nowhere discovers he has no more time.

Pecking Order: A boy and his father defend their home from the Ku Klux Klan in the Jim Crow South.

Pull Down Your Blinds: A man and his mistress come out from an underground bunker to make a new life for themselves after a nuclear war.

Restless Sleep: A woman trapped in the twilight between sleep and madness.

Stealing Time: A man on the road steals a moment from his past.

The Commission: A series treatment about interdimensional warfare between The Commission and Diabolique and her Night Demons.

The Land of Wizards and Snakes: A boy is lost in a magical world, when his mysterious grandpa introduces him to a book of wondrous stories.

The Late Payment: A desperate man is late in paying back a mysterious shopkeeper.

The Lost Sombrero: A man descends into racist madness when he imagines himself to be a god.

Turn Off Your Lights: Evil lurks beneath the surface of a festive cocktail party.

Twelve Minutes: A man is stuck in the same twelve minutes of his life repeated into eternity.

We Shall Not Be Moved: Grace Temple: Act I of the novel.

We Shall Not Be Moved: Shirley Temple: Act II of the novel.

We Shall Not Be Moved: Abigail Spencer: Act III of the novel.

We Shall Not Be Moved: Mavis Spencer: Act IV of the novel.

We Shall Not Be Moved: Conclusion: Act V of the novel.

Heat Wave: Temperature Rising: Act I of the novel.

Heat Wave: Temperature High: Act II of the novel.

Heat Wave: Temperature Falling: Act III of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: The Actor: Act I of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: The Critic: Act II of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: Cat and Mouse: Act III of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: The Restless Wrangler: Act IV of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: The Prodigal Cowboy: Act V of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: Lucius Returns: Act VI of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: Get the Axe: Act VII of the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: The Epilogue: Epilogue to the novel.

Take Off Your Clothes: The Night Whispers: Introduction to the novel.

The Peeper: The tale of a wretched man whose voyeurism draws him into a dark corner of hell.

Frozen in Time: A young and handsome grifter is a man on the move, until one day he steals something that proves to be more dangerous than it seems.

Black Virus: A man is quarantined from a viral pandemic, but he cannot escape the contagious fury of his lover’s husband.

Hungry: The first story featuring Nicky Alma and Shawna DeVito. Our two heroes infiltrate a drug deal gone wrong. Danger escalates when the dealers are not the only people hungry for cocaine.

Just Before Nightfall: A man is alone on a rowboat in a dense fog. He is haunted by a mysterious object that bumps against the hull of his boat, as he searches for a resting place before nightfall.

Into the Wonder: A young woman jogs through a city desolated from a viral pandemic. She loses her path, but may have found her way.

Get Lucky: An innocent man gets entangled with the Nevada mob in the late 1950s. He will need more than luck to escape them.

Jenny’s Phone Call: Jenny takes a moment from work to answer the phone. Too bad she does not notice the monster coming up from behind her.

Killing Time: An old man trapped in his apartment is haunted by a stalker. He decides to take matters into his own hands, before he is driven mad.

Big Boy Toby: A small boy comes face to face with a monster on his television screen.

Walking Beside Ruins: Alex leaves her conventional urban life to walk among the ruins of the past. She fancies herself free, until she confronts another sojourner along the way.

The Model Maker: A man commandeers a spaceship to travel to a distant object that may be proof of an alien civilization. In so doing, he is forced to confront a terrifying fate.

Motion for Dismissal: A hardened criminal defense attorney confronts the Devil himself, when he attempts to have charges dropped against his client.

May 29th: Maria remembers more than her mother’s birthday when visiting her grave.

Oswald’s Lover: Oswald would sell his soul to return once more to his secret lover.

One Shoe Missing: Beware the tall man hobbling on one shoe into the night.

Double Spacer: Sometimes, it is just plain wrong to double space between lines.

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