Ghost Flowers: A poem burrowed in a corner spent.

Memorial Day: A poem wilt in labors ‘neath the moon.

Lover is the Sun at Night: A poem held only in your sleep.

Veiled Sun: A poem hither and yon with no abode.

Rivulets in Eden: A poem laughing off the ancient fears.

Quarantine Beach Haikus: Five poems swept to sea.

Volcano Butterfly Haikus: Five poems bruise lime green.

Be Still and Silent: A poem naked on grass.

Silhouette Run Haikus: Five poems burn laurel wreaths.

Love Is: Five poems grinning removing trousers.

Coffee Cloud Haikus: Five poems sculpted round the coffee cup.

Stay Awhile Haikus: Five poems skipping stones o’er the clear lake.

Honey Cheese Haikus: Five poems grated cheese in my coffee.

Pond Leaf Haikus: Five poems kissing raindrops pad.

Dirty Dentures Haikus: Five poems hobbled teeth lost in pockets.

Black Umbrella Haikus: Five poems groping handsomely.

Leather Beehive Haikus: Five poems eating hearts with Maybelline.

Dark Sunlight Haikus: Five poems pitch a tent nowhere and sleep.

Flower Fire Haikus: Five poems falling like gray raindrops.

Faded Rose Sheet: A poem blossoms for a faceless man.

Bridal Cape Haikus: Five poems woo her with whispers.

Hiking Into Nowhere: And leaving your mind at home.

Pizza Souffle Haikus: Five poems turn up the oven.

Yankee Smoke Haikus: Five poems burning with the chaff.

Dragon Tree Haikus: Five poems kick up the fig leaves.

Blossoms in Darkness: A poem chastened from a fling.

Fog Ponytail Haikus: Five poems with fogged up fingers.

Moon Sail Haikus: Five poems take us nowhere.

Pine Whisper Haikus: Five poems drape baby blond eyes.

Up There Haikus: Five poems walk barefoot on me.

Seashells Sing: When they clatter in the waves.

Light Circles Haikus: Five poems roll down hills.

Ocean Girl Haikus: Five poems mix and match Bible verses.

Do Not: Just be.

Blue White Haikus: Five poems love tender meat.

God Loves Apricots: He slices them and adds salt.

Green Door Haikus: Five poems behind the green door.

Mountain Cream Haikus: Five poems feast on her cream eyes.

Long Road Haikus: Five poems carry further down the road.

Morning Walk Haikus: Five poems walk with a friend.

Sweet Icing Haikus: Five poems of buttercream Maybelline.

Lust Is a Halibut: Something to sweeten warm beer.

Loose Petals Haikus: Five poems from a blooming Cherub’s grin.

Forest Sun Haikus: Five poems chiseled in bark.

Silk Robe Haikus: Five poems serve me tea on an ashtray.

Ripe Banana Haikus: Five poems unpeeled behind her silk screen.

Tootie Tootie: Fresh and Fruity.

Clock Flower Haikus: Five poems comely and creamy.

Little Candles Haikus: Five poems blow out the candles.

Alices in Chains: We see through a glass, darkly.

Independence Day Haikus: Five poems staying put tonight.

Unfinished Salad Haikus: Five poems squeeze lime on my croutons.

Morning Trees: Stirring on a bed of leaves.

Flared Feathers Haikus: Five poems with feathers for hair.

Witch Horse: I dreamt up a girl on a horse.

Pink White Haikus: Five poems easy to smudge off.

Plucked Roses Haikus: Five poems for the best people.

Pharaoh’s Pebbles Haikus: Five poems bruise your small toe.

Moon Hands Haikus: Five poems peeping at her downcast head.

Feed the Dove: Do you love her?

Nothing: Nothing left but God.

Forest Fog Haikus: Five poems gather and stir in chalice.

Balloon Girl Haikus: Five poems happy to bob on the foam.

Pull ‘Em: Smarten up your pants.

Friskies: Wanna love like a cat?

Fragile Red Haikus: Five poems sit in the back row.

Paddle Water Haikus: Five poems listlessly bobbing for God.

Nocturnal Delight: How about tonight?

Sweet Nothings Haikus: Five poems pinched with salt.

Diddle: Sometime at noon.

My Afternoon Girl: I love how she tugs at her ear.

Walking Away: Leather draped.

Love Is Silent: Spoken, but unheard.

Hidden Walkway Haikus: Five poems hide where she cannot see.

Moon Watcher: All night long.

Whisper Hike Haikus: Five poems whisper to the trees.

What She Wants: Bedridden and lonely.

Afternoon Girl Redux: Why did you settle on me?

Chirp Chirp Haikus: Five poems stitch white feathers.

Fair Medusa: Goddess for the age.

Bent Cactus Haikus: Five poems where the cactus bends.

Marble Woman: It is soft and sticky in here.

Space Beat: The stars keeping time.

Circle Circle Haikus: Five poems more round about to the point.

Mangata: Acrostic Poem.

Beautiful Poem: No words.

Desert Mesa Haikus: Five poems over the tops of mesas.

Blue Moon: Diana, why are you so blue?

Quiet Lake: Get Out There.

Komorebi: Acrostic Poem.

With the Rapids: Never kick back the old pricks.

Half Peach Haikus: Five poems lick half a peach.

Beautiful Tyrant: How we love you most fair.

Ripper’s Discontent: Leaves me in snow.

One Last Sell: Faust flips cheeseburgers.

Cold Water Haikus: Five poems kiss your bare feet.

Bogart & Bacall: Be Bogart in search of Bacall.

Wilted Roses Haikus: Five poems dig up the dead rose.

Holy Hill: A trail beside a fence.

Black Background Haikus: Five poems imagine the sun.

Awaken Heart: Try to remember the frost.

Mountain Clouds Haikus: Five poems hike into the clouds.

Porcelain Girl: White fanned bouquet.

Lily Pad Soup Haikus: Five poems dip the lily pads.

Kissable: Acrostic Poem.

Alone Up There: Where my old soul is bare.

All the Bison Come and Go: Talking of Michelangelo.

Party Balloons Haikus: Five poems pop the gray ones.

Fruit Bowl: Pits clothed in handsome fruit.

Rock Silk Haikus: Five poems wrapped in silk.

Forgive me, God: I am not a good man.

White Panties: Swinging on a line.

Fossil God: Carved out from a cave.

French Loaf: Lathered with horse milk brie.

Love Me Later: Even when the rose wilts.

Awake Dream: Playing peek-a-boo with night.

Sailing Into Eternity: Hoist a sail whene’er you please.

Many Colors: Beauty comes in all her lights.

Cardinal Richelieu: Hid all his secrets in the loo.

Trail to Nowhere: Find you’re already there.

Soft Groove: Wanna meet a groovy chick?

To All the Girls: To all the girls I’ve loved before.

Dance With the Ghoul: Be sure to leave your skin behind.

Cut Off Hands: Cut off hands crawl up the hill.

Halloween Gnome: Happy Halloween, so says the Gnome.

Somewhere Far: Spiced without sugar or cream.

There Is a New Place: Where the air is clean.

Love God: When He does not exist.

Stand Alone: Before the clouds in my heart.

Desert Walk: Did you ever walk nowhere?

Like Me: She knows me from her Facebook screen.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park: The desert wind blows very still.

Rose Pluck: Pluck me the rose, if you please.

Soul Witch Fire: My soul witch on display.

Untouched: Love her with your ghosted heart.

Fire Touch: The fire burns long and hard.

God’s Bleeding Heart: His passions veiling the sun.

Wonderland: There is an old place.

Ocean Lotion: But beneath the sheets despair.

If Only: If only I can know.

Pensive: Alone in her soft red dress.

Seasoned Earl Grey: Grandiloquently reserved.

Cookie Heart: Imprinted with my heart then baked.

I Stood Up: And saw the world fall from the sky.

Round the Curve: Find the pot of butterscotch.

Wander Into the Fog: And hide your sins in there.

Disfigured Gods: Lend me your soul this tempest night.

Muzzled Man: Our common flag the masks we wear.

Birthday Suit: All decked out with her winsome grin.

Reach Out: To the ghost in your mirror.

Beach Blanket: Sandy haired whispering curves.

Cold Forest: If you stand still and silent.

The Rest of the Way: With your buckled boots shined so nice.

Santa Snow Globe: In nothing but one stocking.

Sinew: And snap the sinew in God’s neck.

Clothes Pins: Clothes pins gripping dungarees.

Down Low Revelation: Blessed God hewed figurines.

Snow High: Your boot prints in virgin snow.

Ribello: Left my heart there long ago.

Eggs and Bacon: With sauced goose and deviled ram.

Bent O’er the Well: O how I love Midsummer’s Night.

Lily Pad Stocking: Wrap my feet in lily pads.

Bobby the Billy Goat: He walks these parts without his coat.

Washed Glass: Yours is a soul with a brand.

Chichen Itza: A god caped with a Fleur-de-lis.

Winter Flower: Be still, and she will kiss you.

Feather Bend: Fiery nuptials in a throw.

Who So Toils: Sits in his rain scented square.

Whiskers in Champagne: And moon fizz in Coeur d’Alene.

Stabbed Cork: A timely dance ‘fore we’re last curled.

Blustery Bore: A gluttonous happily whore.

Rainbow Hemmed Goddess: Hems the bleeding colors chaste.

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