Halloween (2018) Review: I ain’t afraid of no boogeyman.

Kill the Girl: Sacrificed on altars of dark righteousness.

More than Setting the Mood: Music is the life blood of cinema.

Cuck (2019) Review: Portrait of a caricature as a young man.

As Words Breathe Review: Portrait of the artist as a young woman.

The Worst Critic: The journeyman actor is his own worst critic.

Superman (1978) Review: You’ll believe a man can fly.

Memento (2000) Review: A film that calls attention to its unconventional editing.

Three Film Scenes Examined: Shots and Cuts provide the deeper context of three famous film scenes.

Film School Journal: Miscellaneous impressions captured in my film school journal.

The Idyll (2016) Review: Self-conscious fetish in search of a soul.

Reflections on Darkest Night: My first small step into the darkness.

A Picture of Beautiful Catrina: Delbert’s madness captured in a Polaroid.

Jack Pike Sucks: A critique of my own performance as “Jack Pike” in The Forgiven (2015).

Don’t Write What You Know. Nobody Cares: A column warning fellow writers to beware the axiom of writing what you know.

Context is the Life of a Story: When necessary, edit out plot before context.

Be Courageous When You Write: Figure out just how far to push the envelope with your writing.

Cold Water from a Hollywood Writer: The best way to sell a spec script is not to write one.

Justice Is Love in Action: Reflections on the George Floyd Protests.

Poisonous Words: Words can liberate but also imprison and kill.

Knowledge from Many Hands: Empathy is critical in acquiring wisdom from knowledge.

Finding Truth in History: If history is lying to us, then we are the liars.

Soul Prints: Reflections of soul while the sun sets over a beach.

The Little Dove: The little dove cries out for our hearts.

Letting Go: The first indication of self-love is letting go.

Earth Mystic: Earth is a mystic.

Freedom From: Liberty is freedom from.

Creeping Bitterness: So much of what we call political speech today.

Lost and Found: We need not always lament the lost soul.

Simply Forgive: Forgiveness starts with you.

Sublime Beauty: The irony in sublime beauty is that it is subtlety writ large.

Antifascist: Are you really an Antifascist?

Soul Wind: Imagine wind as powerful as a hurricane, but also still.

Love Poem: It is good that we try.

Soulful Living: What is soulful living?

Censorship: Censorship is a one-sided conversation.

Confused Soul: Confusion is the pain of the soul.

Good Ink: Sometimes it is best to provide no feedback at all.

Advice for a Novice Self-Published Author: We are so headstrong when our dreams are unfastened from reality.

Sojourner: The oldest and most persistent archetypes gnaw at us.

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