Leaping Horse Dream: From one roof to the next.

Knowing the Time Dream: I would rather not know.

Out of Order Dream: Marching to a different drummer.

Union Sympathizer Dream: Watch what you say at the door.

Down the Mine Shaft Dream: Do not go down the wrong one.

Shih Tzu in a Bag Dream: Sitting on a park bench with Shansi.

Night Gas Station Dream: Strange motorcyclist pumping gas.

Tree Restaurant Dream: Like the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

Flying Garbage Truck Dream: Cobalt blue garbage truck in the air.

Mustache Swim Dream: Too busy to take a swim tonight.

Fairground Tour Dream: Finding a place to land.

ABBA Gym Dream: The Greatest American Hero and a Swedish Pop Star.

Maccabees Man Dream: A Hippie from the Apocrypha.

Black Illumine Dream: A black woman turns the table on her bully.

Sumo Priest Dream: A sumo priest berates his congregation.

Michael Caine’s Raft Dream: Deeper into a prehistoric forest.

Michael Caine’s Volunteer Dream: Surely, he will not even consider this play.

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