Rainbow Hemmed Goddess

The rainbow wrapped around her waist

Hems the bleeding colors chaste

Veils the goddess in her old soul

Leaves her there: a mounted sole

Except her wings will not be bound

Her earrings lift to the sound

And all around her dreams will play

Where fair moons and lovers lay

Till all is shredded by the sun

Like colors when raindrops run

The goddess buried with the night

Nothing left of her in sight

Except for glimpses here and there

Wherever dreams find their lair

And we happen to see them smile

Waving us to stay awhile

She is in there, just so you know

Her lights now a knitted throw

Something to wrap you in, my dear

Blinded by her colors near

Her mother’s milk a suckled dream

So you’re bathed in rainbow cream

You’ll learn to love my toxic brew

She chides ‘side the moonlit stew

For endless night the witch will charm

Siren’s dream now Gorgon’s smarm

For too much is truly too much

All that light the velvet touch

Better to leave the goddess dead

Lest by our dreams we are led

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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