Bible Study: John 1:1-14

Bible Study

John 1:1-14

St. Mary of the Angels

May 21, 2021


Dualism – Intrinsic incompatibility of spirit and flesh

Whatever is material is intrinsically evil and irredeemable

A fallen angel (Demiurge) instead of God creates the universe

There is no Incarnation, for pure spirit would never inhabit flesh

Therefore, there is no redemption of creation

There is only “escaping” fallen creation through approved “ideas”

Modern day expression: “I am spiritual, but not religious.”

St. Irenaeus (Adversus Haereses) – Christian refutation of Gnosticism

Irenaeus, in response, seized upon the teachings of St. Paul that Christ did “unite all things in Him, things in heaven and things on earth.” (Eph. 1:10)  St. Irenaeus taught that Christ had to enter into the world, and into humanity, in order to atone for the sins of the world and redeem humanity.  In his theory of Atonement by Recapitulation, Irenaeus says, “The Word, becoming man, recapitulates all things in Himself, so that just as the Word is foremost in things super-celestial, spiritual, and invisible, so also in things visible and corporeal He might have the primacy.”  Jesus lived a life in the body like one of us, redeeming our humanity through His divine-humanity.  Irenaeus goes further in saying that Jesus lived through all the stages of man, from birth, to infancy and childhood, maturity, old age and even unto death, thereby sanctifying all the stages of a man’s life.  Here the Catechism concurs stating, “Christ’s whole life is a mystery of redemption… and a mystery of recapitulation. All Jesus did, said and suffered had for its aim restoring fallen man to his original vocation.”

Johanine Prologue – Early Christian Hymn and Encapsulation of John’s Gospel

Overcomes dualism, for the Light overcomes the Darkness

The Word is God, and the Word creates, so God creates the universe

Affirms the Incarnation, for Christ Jesus is the Light that is in the world

Recapitulation of the faithful to the Father (Compare John 1:14 and John 17:22)

Faith in Christ Jesus saves us – not our “ideas” – “beheld…full of grace and truth”

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