Snow High

Leave behind your yesterday

And veer off the dead highway

Your boot prints in virgin snow

For no one walks down this low

Passed the last horse hitching post

Splintered wood along the coast

Dead cowboy wrapped in his flag

Mourned by the ghost of his nag

One last truck left in a ditch

Upturned and smashed the old bitch

An android hung from a tree

Spasm still in her right knee

Designed lives coded and clean

Snuffed out by a smiling queen

The man who unplugged it all

Tossed the Lifeware in his stall

Found what is left a mile back

Motherboard and a Big Mac

Half eaten special sauce meat

And silicon chips in heat

Nothing since but sun and snow

And magic powder for blow

The future is yours to make

Like absinthe baked in a cake

Dreamt up ghouls you call your own

More history to be sown

But outside your head just this

You’re one man lying in piss

A pilgrim down a long road

Too old to carry your load

So you leave yourself behind

For the sun and snow to find

One last speck swept up by time

The old snow sprinkled with lime

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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