Muzzled Man

O Muzzled Man, the world’s your clan

Our common flag the masks we wear

Viral droplets spread by a fan

Tis the New Flood we all must bear

History pulled down from her mount

Smashed into rubble, then hidden

The past washed in the Lethe fount

Our righteousness raped then ridden

We danced to Satan’s old bonfire

Clothed in the color of our skin

Savages in modern attire

Race lusting our first and last sin

So what to make of this past year

The beaten skulls floating downstream

While paddling the currents of fear

And hoping to wake from this dream?

In God there is darkness and light

All His seasons one and the same

For us darkness is the dawn’s might

The evil a beast we can tame

So look out for the river’s bend

A new year somewhere up yonder

A time for wearied souls to mend

A stream we hope will be fonder

But if the whitewaters persist

For God’s time is never our own

Then smile before the devil’s fist

And know that your life is on loan

An hourglass soul but still so blest

For no fog can hide the next sun

From this nightmare we’ll find our rest

When we see that time is a pun

So let it be this year’s storm

The devil’s horn blowers soon done

And find your peace in your own norm

Your steps your soul shall never shun

Laugh off time as fiddle dee dee

This year is just last year in drag

Your real home is eternity

Where time is a minstrel’s old rag

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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