Cookie Heart

She nibbles on my cookie dough

Imprinted with my heart then baked

Sprinkles on my well spent blow

Christmas crystals I have raked

My cookie down the rabbit hole

To the depths of the Queen of Hearts

Wrapped tightly in a black stole

Then unwrapped by fits and starts

So many cookies in the bowl

One for each Nativity Day

So why nibble then my soul

When there’s richer dough to lay?

Choose the one with chocolate goo

Or Frosty the Snowman’s wide grin

One glazed with peppermint glue

Or dunked in a spot of gin

All the others more sugar sweet

Good for the tummy or the tree

But, no, you choose my small treat

Nibble on it so carefree

And leave me with a cup of milk

Lukewarm and potted on my stove

And cookie crumbs on my silk

My one tie my treasure trove

But worst of all as Christmas comes

I have no cookie for Santa

My bowl full of unpaid sums

My tears for heaven’s manna

So nibble nibble away, wench

Indulge your sweet tooth with my rent

Cookie poisoned with no stench

My last laugh in your lament

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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