Love her with your ghosted heart

Whisper in and out her dreams

And you will do your valiant part

To tickle out her wanton screams

Take what’s left her beaten pride

Leave her with her telltale smirk

Her witchy grin a threadbare hide

Underneath which her pain will lurk

And you too will suffer here

A ghost’s love untouched romance

Your desire a gray unpricked spear

Your heart sowed by the devil’s lance

Lovers braced in their despair

Their dreams untouched by the fates

Never more than a captured stare

Their passions kept in padlocked crates

Love unquenched a hellish lust

A scream itching Satan’s ear

Hardens in time to sunbaked rust

A junk pile shrine to your worst fear

For all the untouched end there

Hellish heap of star crossed loves

Sorrows deadened from so much wear

And yet searching still for their doves

Heaven just beyond their reach

Silhouette sigh in the night

Sailors waving an unseen beach

Defeated yet charmed by the sight

Image of their yesteryear

A moment they cannot shake

A love caught up in so much fear

What they see but can never take

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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