Like Me

She knows me from her Facebook screen

Profiles in Courage for a teen

Her dashing grin Svengali man

Color corrected with a tan

My unmoved face inside a square

My framed icon her present snare

My pics of steak and applesauce

From well spent meals with all the gloss

My pledge to give to Cameroon

Five dollars a month makes her swoon

For I have saved a monkey there

And named him Peanut, so I care

My pics of Peanut on the vine

O, how he swings above the swine

My runner’s bod from years ago

My six pack abs from all that blow

Track and Coke and my MTV

Before I caught my STD

She thinks the pics are all brand new

I doctored up more than a few

Put Lady Gaga on my shorts

Chiseled BLM on my quartz

Her bling man with a heart of gold

Paste in LeBron, and she is sold

Photoshopped virtue signaling

The echo room where we all sing

The Facebook and the Twitterverse

Pop culture gods born in a hearse

Where else may a balding fat man

Lure a teen girl to show her can?

My devil charmed grin in exchange

For her pink nipple and some change

My Facebook campaign for a fount

Her dollars padding my account

‘Save the Fountain’ printed on T’s

So give what you can, if you please

Who cares if she sniffs I’m a cad?

I’ll just flip another heart mad

Lure her in with a few thumbs up

And my hip talk: Yo girl, wassup?

And the vague insinuation

I’m half black sprinkled with Asian

A Benetton man with blond hair

Just the right mix, no one will stare

We shall be together one day

Your devil charmed man you will lay

Till then, just remember to pay

And tease me your nipple today

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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