Desert Walk

Did you ever walk nowhere?

Where you leave your soul to bear

Right on passed the sunlight glare

There is nothing but dried sand

God’s footsteps cross barren land

Even the wind there stands still

Holy Ghost before the kill

Grace the beast, your soul the prey

No one there to grant a stay

Scuffed boots on your swollen feet

You’d give your soul for a treat

You’d lap dance a dead aardvark

Whore what’s left of your birthmark

Your life for a sniff of glue

One last grin before you’re blue

But out there there’s no detour

No escape from timeless lore

Just you and your wrinkled skin

The shawl wrapped around your sin

Leather hanging from your bones

Sliding over dried out stones

Your buckled knees hit the ground

Your soul cries out without sound

Please, God, just devour me

Wipe me in this desert sea

Nothing the vultures may find

Nothing for the fates to bind

Your justice is your mercy

Your right hand cast in velvet

Your judgment takes me from here

From my nowhere to your end

A place without any rhyme

No reason to guide my steps

My soul bliss a Hallmark card

Tossed to the crackling bonfire

For you are where the sun is

Desert heat wrapped in the night

Truth blanketed by sand stars

Tucked away till the dawn comes

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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