Somewhere Far

Drink coffee alone

Somewhere far from here

Spiced without sugar or cream

Dip in Biscotti

Or Turkish delights

Whatever the local scene

Read the newspaper

The headlines the same

No matter the tribe or tongue

Befriend the street cat

He’ll be your guide here

And lead you to your next love

A balcony girl

Barefooted in red

In search of a man for bed

Or a windswept nun

Poor and on the run

With her harp and song of praise

Or he’ll leave you there

Beg for crumbs elsewhere

Just you and your coffee cup

So that time may slow

The hours carved in stone

Unmoved by a telltale sun

Nod at your waiter

And tip him quite well

He poured you eternity

Wander off when done

Somewhere to nowhere

Shangri-La to The Shambles

Eyeing your next bed

Hanging flowerpots

Scented by a coffee brew

For when dawn taps night

Lures her out of bed

Coffee will be on your mind

Quiet alone at peace

The whole world your home

Your hand curled around the cup

Nibbles on a plate

Sun lines on a cloth

This time forever your fate

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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