Halloween Gnome

Happy Halloween, so says the Gnome

The figurine old soul in my brome

Bearded lotus forever in prayer

My meadow knoll his personal lair

Carved wood bought for a shekel and dance

A souvenir from a spent romance

Planted amongst the flowers and ferns

Reminder that a loved heart still burns

His blood painted hat catches the moon

His crimson smear an ominous rune

Lures my eye as his voice does my ear

Out into a darkness that I fear

My backyard now so suddenly strange

Scratching myself like a beast with mange

My heart now a deviled witch’s drum

My soul sacrificed for Satan’s crumb

But still I hunch forward to the call

The Gnome urging me on with his wrawl

I stumble on my well trodden path

Kicked to the ground by an ancient wrath

The devil himself unseen but felt

My heart wrapped in his tightening pelt

I crawl forward on elbows and spleen

Come face to face with my figurine

Happy Halloween, he says again

His whisper as calm as the dawn’s wren

And yet hints of a chuckle from coals

His laugh sputtering out from lost souls

Just too much gleam to his wizened eyes

His prayerful peace a lure to a prize

I am a memento, am I not?

The old Gnome intones in his bloodied snot

Reminder of what you’ve buried here

Old wood cast as a back looking seer

My Buddha pose a shawl o’er your past

While I see what haunts you to the last

But this is the night the Gnome can rest

You for once will be put to the test

Forced to sit here and behold your haunts

Nothing to spare you from your old wants

While I, the Gnome, do pack up and leave

You’ll have no respite from what you grieve

Sitting here in this garden all night

Your hours ahead a mad moonlit fright

As I tuck my beard and leave this patch

I give you a soul you cannot scratch

Happy Halloween, I say to you

May you be cooked in your old sad stew

And with that the old Gnome disappears

I writhe in the mud from my own tears

My soul lost in this garden so green

My life a wind howl for Halloween

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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