Soft Groove

Wanna meet a groovy chick?

Diana with her snappy Bic

Girl in a red cummerbund

Always game for a little fun

Two tone taps Parisian heels

Oils old bedsprings for late night meals

Moonlit glimmer dancing eyes

Shimmer chic for your knotted ties

Go and ask the whiskered rat

Where does she hang her matted hat?

He’ll nod her way for some cheese

And a splash of wine, if you please

Lead you to the last dead end

Cul-de-sac round the darkest bend

Thinning shingles wrapped in twine

Babies britches hung on a line

Satellite dish tuned to hell

Picks up Oprah once in a spell

Unlatched gate swings in a breeze

Lures you with a half hearted tease

Out back find Eve’s lovely tree

Transplanted here for you to see

Where the fruit had caught her eye

Now your Diana hangs on high

Her neck wrapped tight by a snake

Never more soft shoes on the take

Stretched shell swinging in moonlight

One last lap dance for your delight

She’s still got a groove on her

Her dead eye stare a tempting lure

Stay the night and you will see

What other tricks she has for free

Step inside the moon’s embrace

She’ll kiss that last tear off your face

Dance your soul away from you

Lick your skin till you’re iced cold blue

Let the sunlight find what’s left

Not enough there to charge a theft

No corpus no crime it seems

Your life for old potions and creams

Cast off for a witch’s groove

A wink and a grin on the move

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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