Sailing Into Eternity

Hoist a sail whene’er you please

Your soul’s repose for a tease

Compassed to your Jezebel

A North Star that will not tell

And dream wide beneath her glare

Sprinkled moon dust in your hair

See the temptress of your fate

A beauty formed from fire hate

Knowing grin on copper skin

Gilded leaf that hides her sin

Mother of the devil’s saints

Clasps your wrists in her restraints

Takes you from your feather bed

Makes you blush a crimson red

Lures you into endless night

Where only dreams offer light

Flying through Diana’s skirt

You glimpse where she cannot hurt

And on through the Milky Way

Somewhere passed where lovers stray

Your temptress leads you down then

A snake snapping flight from wren

To a sea that’s pacified

Fossil of the devil’s pride

You two walk atop the waves

Like pilgrims o’er long dead caves

No stars twinkling in the sky

No light but her red third eye

She looks back at you and smiles

No soul’s rest for untold miles

But I’ll dance for you, she chimes

Salome with wicked rhymes

And dance she does all night long

Laughing embers from a bong

Slowly leads you to a ship

Snaps you red upon your hip

Drops you to the dark man’s pit

Chains you where there is no slit

Wrenching in a den of slaves

Your soul sold with other knaves

The ship a rock on dead sand

Unmoved voyage for the damned

Everlasting trip to hell

Dark eternal casts her spell

Somewhere lost in all despair

A momentary glimpse so fair

She weaves in and out the dark

Your last lover on a lark

Minds you that your bed is near

One eye opened from the clear

Just let go this sordid dream

Dip back into time’s old stream

Let the dead gods haunt heaven

Do not rise from the leaven

Your dreams a dark pathway tread

Best by the God who has bled

So when you are wed to sleep

Ring the moon hand you can keep

Picture silly daffodils

Or girls born of golden gills

Write out poems with no measure

Artless verse is your treasure

Just dream mediocrities

Make clear you’re no Socrates

So fate will leave you alone

Etching life on a tombstone

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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