White Panties

Behold the white panties

Heaven scented angel

Swinging on a line

Just above my fingers

The loom of my madness

Keeps me in a bind

I stretch up on my toes

Reach higher than my soul

But fate is not kind

She simply smiles up there

A flutter in a breeze

Her laugh tempts me blind

I step up on a stool

Grab for those wooden pins

Snapped tight in my mind

But I cannot unloose

No matter my resolve

What silks a bare hind

The panties are a flag

Pennant to my defeat

Ripped from my behind

For no other reason

Than my hind is not hers

My coutures unwind

Victor Victoria

Now just a hairy butt

Sagged from age and wine

So what may I do now

But return to the loom

Beg my soul for twine?

Or stand here and look up

Watching the panties snap

In winds I shall grind?

Either choice is futile

Rendering soul or fart

Much the same when mined

So rather than wear them

I shall offer my prayer:

Behold the white panties

A goddess for our times

Idol stitched from linen

Breathtakingly divine

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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