Party Balloons Haikus

Count all the balloons

There is one for every year

Then pop the gray ones.

She rides the rubber

Panties on a horse balloon

Pin the tail on her. 

Send God your worries

A note tied to a balloon

That falls to the sea. 

Balloon people float

While reaching down to eat cake

The best of both worlds. 

Ba Balloon the Loon

Jostles free from the others

And is lost up there. 

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

4 thoughts on “Party Balloons Haikus

    1. I like the lines even more after reading them again. There is an interplay of childhood innocence (a girl on a horse balloon) and innuendo (riding the rubber and panties). I wanted to suggest a girl on the cusp of womanhood: She is young still, but also consciously flirty. She is the flower about to blossom into something beautiful, but also dangerous.


      1. Yeah I picked up on that.
        I love this kind of work of yours.
        The religious ones trigger me too much to like at the moment as I was raised religious and am not now religious. I still have that anger in me.
        You know what I mean?

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      2. I understand being angry toward religion. In different periods of my life, I have been very actively religious and not at all religious. More recently, I have become more religion focused again, and this is reflected accordingly in some of my poems of late. Even when I have been unchurched, I have never ceased in believing the fundamental precepts of the Christian faith. For me, what matters is that I believe that Christ literally and historically resurrected from the dead and thereby reconciles His followers with the Father. I have been in the ordained ministry and spent a number of years living at a seminary. I am very familiar with a number of self-righteous, judgmental pricks, both among the laity and the clergy, whose behavior have turned people away from religion. I made the decision recently not to allow the many (and sometimes sordid) imperfections of people in the Church to dissuade me from partaking in the sacraments and from developing a more Christlike approach to life in prayer. What matters to me is the Risen Christ and the communion of the faithful – not the failures of too many “religious” people to live up to the standards of their professed faith.

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