Party Balloons Haikus

Five poems pop the gray ones.

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

4 thoughts on “Party Balloons Haikus

    1. I like the lines even more after reading them again. There is an interplay of childhood innocence (a girl on a horse balloon) and innuendo (riding the rubber and panties). I wanted to suggest a girl on the cusp of womanhood: She is young still, but also consciously flirty. She is the flower about to blossom into something beautiful, but also dangerous.


      1. Yeah I picked up on that.
        I love this kind of work of yours.
        The religious ones trigger me too much to like at the moment as I was raised religious and am not now religious. I still have that anger in me.
        You know what I mean?

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      2. I understand being angry toward religion. In different periods of my life, I have been very actively religious and not at all religious. More recently, I have become more religion focused again, and this is reflected accordingly in some of my poems of late. Even when I have been unchurched, I have never ceased in believing the fundamental precepts of the Christian faith. For me, what matters is that I believe that Christ literally and historically resurrected from the dead and thereby reconciles His followers with the Father. I have been in the ordained ministry and spent a number of years living at a seminary. I am very familiar with a number of self-righteous, judgmental pricks, both among the laity and the clergy, whose behavior have turned people away from religion. I made the decision recently not to allow the many (and sometimes sordid) imperfections of people in the Church to dissuade me from partaking in the sacraments and from developing a more Christlike approach to life in prayer. What matters to me is the Risen Christ and the communion of the faithful – not the failures of too many “religious” people to live up to the standards of their professed faith.

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