Sumo Priest Dream

A sumo priest berates his congregation.

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

10 thoughts on “Sumo Priest Dream

      1. I do not have a literary agent. Unless and until I do, I cannot get a traditional publisher to put out a book of my stories or poems. I have self-published books in the past, but I have not been able to spend the marketing money that is necessary to get enough buyers to make a living. Hopefully, someday, I shall figure out how to get a literary agent. If and when that happens, then I shall focus on writing for a living.


      2. For several years my books were available to be purchased on and also on Each book cost me a few hundred dollars to format, to copyright, and to list with the two online booksellers. I made less than fifty dollars total from all the books during those years. Because I sold so few books, I had almost no readers, which for me frankly was worse than the financial loss. Stories really do not come alive unless and until they are read. For a few years I had one dedicated fan who purchased and reviewed each of my books. After a while I sent him a free copy whenever I self-published a book just because I knew he would publish a well written review on Amazon. When he was no longer interested or available to read my last book, “Marry the Witch,” I lost even that one reviewer. Several months ago, when I set up my blog, I decided to make all of my books available there for free. I would rather have a few people read my works for free than have no one read them. I learned my lesson: Self-publishing is a waste of time unless one has enough money to pursue an aggressive and long term online marketing campaign. The reason is that people do not want to invest money, and even more so time, in purchasing and reading a book by an unknown writer. I do not blame them. When I am in the mood to read a horror novel, I go online and purchase the latest Stephen King work. I purchase his work because I am a fan and know already it will be a quality piece worthy of my time. Since I do not have the funds on hand to pay for a marketing campaign, which is meant to offset the fact that I do not yet have a marketable reputation, I realistically cannot hope to sell any books unless and until I am picked up by a traditional publisher.


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