Awaken Heart

Awaken heart my old love

Try to remember the frost

The gray chill of first repose

When shuttered from a new sun

Frail cobwebs in the attic

That blanketed your soft chest

While the wind whispered outside

Come out and dance in the light

But you did not my old love

But beat beat beat in the cold

A rebel inside the morgue

A pulse for eternal night

Despair is a lover’s friend

Hand in hand to the altar

Feeling each other’s old pulse

While a rebel heart beats on

Till the sadness is over

Swept dust beneath a doormat

Tidied up for a new fling

The pathos a pretty yarn

A charm when clinking cocktails

Verses on yellowed paper

Scented dust in bound leather

What consumed now a footnote

Among the yard sale memoirs

Pray for one last wind

Something to open the book

Flutter the pages alive

Sweep up the verses once more

Maybe kindle the heartbeat

When despair had been so young

A blush with a sweetened tongue

A rose still to be blossomed

And ravished in soiled sheets

Awaken heart so I plead

Give yourself a chance to bleed

One last beat when it is gray

Blue smudge grin before the day

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

2 thoughts on “Awaken Heart

  1. I always find your poems so alluring and mysterious. I never have any idea what you’re thinking nor do I want to assume so instead I just let the words swim over me and splash me. And that tends to suit our relationship just fine. Our being me and the words.

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    1. The words are living permutations of air, when spoken, or living etchings on a surface, when written. Either way, they are conscious of their own power as are all living things. For them to be conscious of their “own power” means two things: They are themselves as distinct from other things (“own”), and they can move in a discernible direction some thing or being that is distinct from themselves (“power”). We all intuit this on some level, which is why we say that words “come alive” or “move us.” It is the words themselves, and not just our own private interpretation of them, that is living, which is why words can move other people in different ways. If only our interpretations gave them life, then words “coming alive” would only happen in a very personal context, like an old toy only really “comes alive” for me, but not for anyone else, because of my own personal sentimental history with the thing. Nevertheless, we know that with words that is not the case. People of all stripes with very different life experiences can have shared responses to words. Maybe, they all have the same interpretation, but my sense is that interpretation is really too unique to an individual to be replicated easily among a mass of people. Therefore, the fact that there is “mass communication,” and as such “shared responses,” tells us that words have some sort of intrinsic and mysterious power apart from how we may or may not respond to them. The word is the birthplace of community, for it is meant to be shared and to come alive fully in a mass reality apart from one person’s private imagination. For those of us more attuned to the intrinsic and mysterious power of words, even a single word on a page can feel to us like a wave splashing over our soul. The power is palpable and can inspire a relationship that is as strong, if not stronger, than what we may experience with other people. I would add that the power of words in themselves, apart from my interpretation of them, is the first indication of the supernatural world. The fact that we can feel these words as they are in themselves is a first step in the direction of natural religion. All natural religion is born either as a voiced word or as a renunciation of voiced words. In either case the word is the common denominator. As natural religion develops it is codified and then interpreted by written words as well as voiced words. The Abrahamic religions go so far as to identify words with God Himself (“The Word was made flesh”) or at least with an angelic permutation of God (Wisdom). Regardless, if we are open to words, then they shall forever allure us. The relationship is always there, just an open book or a blog post away, and we are invited to indulge these word waves from eternity cast upon our souls.


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