One Last Sell

Faust flips cheeseburgers

Adds salted peppers

Somewhere south of the border

Maybe Tijuana

Or Ensenada

Now does it really matter?

His fall is complete

Disgraced on his feet

But still angling for nickels

The devil comes by

They meet at the fry

Click cans of fermented rye

Talk about weather

Trade señoritas

And sour on others’ good times

Faust winks at his friend

Says his soul’s just great

Never been better it seems

The devil grins wide

Tilts up his horned head

Asks if he’s wanting to sell

Faust is taken back

What can I sell now

But burgers greased on a grill?

The devil takes time

Nods and says clearly

Give me what nickels you have

Faust is left speechless

But what can he do?

He hands him what he has left

The devil’s eyes glow

Takes his burgers too

And leaves Faust naked and blue

But even when dead

Faust comes out ahead

He died with something to sell

A bargain basement

Admittedly so

His last pearl cast on the go.

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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