Flying Garbage Truck Dream

Last night I had a vivid dream which has stayed with me. These are the details:

I am on the roof of a tall building. Most of the other buildings downtown are much smaller. The mesas in the distance suggest a city in Arizona or New Mexico that has spread out as far as the eye can see in every direction. It is a very clear, bright, and cloudless day. There is no wind, and yet I am not particularly warm up there either.

There is a small, enclosed office on the roof with a sliding glass door. I am up there doing office work for Foodco, but there is no one supervising me. When the dream commences I am standing outside of that space and looking out over the cityscape.

Suddenly, I see a cobalt blue garbage truck flying toward my building. It does not have any wings, nor is there any noticeable jet propulsion. It flies quietly and without any apparent turbulence. It is more like a highly sophisticated drone in how it flies, and yet the vehicle is the size and shape of a garbage truck. The truck is high enough that it is going to fly over and to the side of the building, so I am not concerned that it will hit me. When the truck is close I can see two uniformed men in the cabin. From that distance they are both about the size of action figures, and the truck is about the size of a Tonka truck I would have had when I was a child. There is no passenger side door. The man seated there is halfway out the open doorway like he wants to get a better look at me.

I have never seen anything like this before. I want to snap a picture with my iPhone. I rush back into the office, pass the computer desk, and go to a filing cabinet against the back wall. My iPhone is inside the filing cabinet. I take it back outside. My camera app either has not been downloaded or is slow in opening. As I fumble to get the camera, I see that the iPhone home screen is the color and font of a Wanted Sign from the 1880s.

I finally get the camera app to work. I return to the edge of the building, but by this time the cobalt blue garbage truck has turned away. It is now flying over the city at a distance too far from me to snap a decent picture. From that distance the truck is a blue line with propellers about a quarter of an inch long. It is flying over a residential area back toward the horizon from which it came. Its course is parallel to the side of my building, so I can see that its course is a U shape and that my building is on the left hand side of that U.

I awaken before I lose sight of the flying truck. What is most striking is just how real and clear the truck looks, especially when it is flying closest to my building. The cobalt blue is intense in contrast to the lighter blue, sunlit sky and the gray cityscape far below. The cobalt blue reminds me of when I first flew into Maui as a child. I looked out the airplane window as we were landing and saw the most beautiful, ink blue, ocean water. The truck details were also very intricate. Even though it moved through the air very smoothly, the mechanical and design details suggested a heavy load that would be rumbling down the road once it landed.

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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