Space Beat

Step into the night

When the stars are bright

Turn up your collar

Stretch a bit taller

For this is your place

Your own outer space

The stars keeping time

The planets in rhyme

Everything movin’

The cosmos groovin’

Look up at the sky

And wave cause you’re high

Not on any drug

Just the dance fool bug

But go ahead smile

Mind opened a mile

Your satellite dish

Pickin’ up pink fish

From a distant bay

Passed the Milky Way

You know the Big Bang

Is when they all sang

The star choir on high

At once in the sky

But long before that

When the notes are flat

The Lord’s Word in song

Starts off with a gong

Followed by a chord

Cause the Lord is bored

Then a melody

Soft swing rhapsody

So the Lord can dance

If given the chance

So please understand

All life’s a big band

A pretty note here

A sour screech there

Composed together

Music so clever

Makes you laugh and cry

And kick up the rye

So keep your dance card

For the Moon’s regard

Let her swing with you

Whenever you’re blue

Hop with Orion

When you’re done cryin’

And grab Kuiper’s belt

When ready to melt

And when you’re all done

Step back to your hon

Plant a big wet kiss

And whisper your bliss

Till the hint of light

Sets your dreams in flight

So sleep all day long

You never go wrong

To live for the night

When the song’s just right

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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