Fair Medusa

Softly she touches

Her heart shaped window

Adorned with roses

Kissed with candlelight

Medusa is fair

In her powdered face

A debutante queen

Ready for her beau

Except for the snakes

They get in the way

She tries everything

Rose scented shampoo

Lavender perfume

Brie and honey wash

But the snakes still hiss

And writhe to the beat

Of their bonfire dance

She puts on a hat

But they lift the flap

Ties a round bonnet

They untie the string

Nothing left to do

But touch her image

A face born of glass

And candlelit blooms

Her finger touches

And touches her back

Like God and Adam

On the Sistine dome

She adores her eyes

Her keys to the gate

And turns back to stone

A bride for the Nile

Her hardened heart King

Cleopatra damned

Has nothing on her

Antony Caesar

Can have each other

For she is the stone

Who will urge Pharaoh

On to the Red Sea

The Biblical Bitch

Jezebel’s temptress

Herod’s daughter

Magdalene’s madam

All women in one

The thorn in the bun

Prickling her top men

Her stone on a stand

Mounted for all eyes

Goddess for the age

Of the self styled sage

At the end of times

The one monument

Still standing upright

Still rendered worship

Till the trumpet calls

The angel’s sad song

Knocks her to the earth

And grinds her to salt

Kicked up by the wind

Of the Living Word

Her snakes all scattered

Her powdered face freed

Rises to the sun

For the noonday bleach

Her countenance fair

Finally she laughs

More than she can bear

A witch’s last cackle

With love in the air

But that is not yet

So fiddle dee-dee

The night is still young

She ties back her snakes

That will have to do

And winks at her face

And bids sweet adieu

She gathers her things

What fits in her purse

A rouge puff and rose

A scented dance card

She hears her horseman

The carriage with bells

And golden hooved knights

Parked at her front gate

Calls for her lady

To take her gloved hand

And says not a word

The help need not hear

For precious are words

Like sand in the hour

Each pebble a gift

A fair freed of dour

She steps to the night

The snow glistens white

Dappled in moonlight

Her dream set to flight

Nods at the horseman

Sees his sparkled eyes

Ruddy-faced devil

In top hat and chaps

Bows to his Mistress

Whom he so adores

Kisses her fair hand

And lowers her step

Off to the bonfire

He says with a grin

A night of bared heels

A place with no sin

An old lover’s lark

Medusa says back

Where God cannot see

Our Midsummer’s Night

The horseman chuckles

And closes her door

Takes hold of the reins

And rattles the floor

Medusa looks out

Her world a dark blur

Occasioned by frost

And passing lampposts

And carolers too

But mostly just black

The night is her heart

Keeper of secrets

A mind torn apart

Almost a tear shed

But a smile will do

So many beaus there

Naked and horned men

With pitchforks in hand

And white boutonnieres

Stitched over their hearts

What can she do then

But fall in love once

Or twice before dawn?

What can she do then

But hold back her snakes

And lust for the flame?

She smells the embers

Burnt flesh with honey

Her Promised Land near

And yet still so far

Her River Jordan

Always up ahead

Somewhere in the night

What can she do then

But sit and stare out

And count snow flurries

Passing on by her?

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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