Tootie Tootie

Tootie Tootie

Fresh and Fruity

Ate licorice with her tea

Sugared her crumpets

Buttered her pudding

And uncorked snakes by the sea

Then the Prince came

Horses drawn blue

Her consort pampered in pork

Gurgled her pine cone

Licked up the icing

And left with a limp adieu

Then the Whore came

Whiskers and tweed

A bouquet for a sixpence

Squeezed in his red skirt

Perfumed his girdle

And neighed like a horse in May

Pretty she laughed

Gave him a tip

And sent him with curds and whey

Unbuttoned her shoes

Called for her cousin

And poked him with a corkscrew

Devil he bore

Apple tart horned

A Prince with his mother’s eyes

Grew up on sugar

Hot pudding and sauce

New crown on a golden throne

Sent for his mom

Milked her bosom

Cream with licorice and lime

Choked on her wet lap

His ghost gore guzzled

Pretender corpse in her stew

So she went home

Tummy all filled

Her son a burp on her tongue

A frog in her loons

Scented apricots

High tea to beg off her feast

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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