The Little Dove

I read an essay about the sadness a mother dove endures when her little chick dies. In response I wrote the following:

I am reminded of St. Paul’s verse about all of nature “groaning for the coming of the Lord.” Nature too experiences the tragedy of loss, and she too endures the heartlessness of the natural process consuming what is dead and discarded.

Nature wants peace as much as we do. Though we find peace in nature, it is important for us to remember now and then that nature too is seeking peace from her own travails. We are all waiting and hoping for the dark sadness finally to come to an end – not just a temporary reprieve of sadness, but the final end of death and loss.

You mentioned abortion. It is analogous to the mother who deliberately sets apart the “runt” of the litter to die on its own. No doubt, there is a biological necessity behind this, but there is also a kind of heartless calculation in this decision. The tragedy is not just in the loss of an innocent life. It is also in the decision to put the necessity or the desire of the moment ahead of the possibility of a new life.

The innocent one left alone to die, or wrenched out from the womb, is the smallest and most fragile soul in all of creation. She is the meekest, and she calls out for compassion and love from whomever among us is willing to lend her a moment with their heart.

The original essay is “Mourning Doves” by Laura Denise. It may be found here:

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I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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