Soul Prints

This is a comment I wrote in response to a poem:

Your soul is light, a candle in flickering similitude to the sun, and she brightens all the more as the sun bleeds through the shutters of a life’s daily discontent.

Your soul’s prayer is effortless communication, a subtle whisper stream from one life to another. It is directed to the sun, and yet is also drawn out by the sun, so that in a way that defies our own mind’s grasp the sun and the soul are praying with and for each other simultaneously.

The soul’s footsteps from that sublime moment on the shoreline are not etched in sand but imprinted in a sea salted wind memory. The footsteps ebb and flow forever with the tide and with all the other footsteps of souls so touched by the moment.

There is a kind of holy communion of sun gazers kept forever inside the tidal breezes and illuminated now and then as sparkled silhouettes glimpsed at dusk. Go to the beach and watch them as your small campfire reaches up toward the first star.

The original poem that inspired my comment is Laura Denise’s “Witness,” which may be found here:

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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