Hiking Into Nowhere

Go give the outside a chance

She will breathe into you

Bathe your skin in sunlight

Wind whisper loose leaves

Kiss your toes with sand

Caress songs from a bird

Or silent tales from a boulder

Charm with dappled dew

Fog dance in and out of trees

Moisten lips with pomegranates

and scent your hairs with cedar

She will lay your forward path

Sway primroses in the pews

Light the early evening stars

and open up her altar dusk

Hiking into nowhere

And everywhere the same

A place free from judgment

A mind loosed from shame

So let her give you all she has

And offer her back what she is

A simple joy, a contented heart

One moment of true humanity

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

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