Faded Rose Sheet

A poem blossoms for a faceless man.

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

4 thoughts on “Faded Rose Sheet

    1. Thank you for the observation. Faded love can become a creepy, wilted thing, like the solitary rose in a cracked vase that actually takes color away from the room rather than adding color to it. Like changing sheets, or pouring in new water every day into a vase of old, dead roses, the routines may seem like conventional bliss on the surface, but there is the scratch of sad gray if we look closely enough.


      1. Takes color away from the room rather than adding color to it… I’ve never seen or even listened something like that but I can imagine it now and it reminds me of when I use to hairspray my bouquets my high school boyfriend would gift to me. I’d want to capture their essence in time and watch them freeze.

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      2. Capturing beauty in time is like cupping a stream in our hand. We can hold it there for some time, but even if we never spill it the water eventually will be absorbed into our flesh. Similarly, the beauty evaporates, even when cupped in time, but is absorbed by the soul and comes alive in our imagination.

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