Dark Sunlight Haikus

Five poems pitch a tent nowhere and sleep.

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

8 thoughts on “Dark Sunlight Haikus

  1. Tear up all your poems
    And shove them
    In your pocket
    And then
    Bit by bit
    Reach in
    And chew on them
    Through out the day.
    Get a taste for each
    Lick your lips
    With wonder
    Over the diction and
    Syntax of each line
    Now swallow.

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    1. Lyrical munchies mixed in with the trail mix we keep in our pockets. Some of the finger food is sweet, some sour, and a few actually edifying. The soul can be nourished with these bites and keep the fire crackling well into the dark nights that follow. We may succumb to flesh hunger, but the soul will keep digging into all that diction and syntax long after the moss has covered over the bones. This is how we poets survive the eternal night.

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      1. We all begin with a clay pot someone has handed to us. How we paint it is our own addition to the art. Poems, like all stories, really come alive when the reader plays with the poem in her imagination or is actually inspired by it to write an original piece.


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