Dirty Dentures Haikus

She turns to me and

Hobbled teeth lost in pockets

She loves me, she loves…

Red light snow ashes

Tea kettles sing burlesque blues

Remove shoes at door.

A shot of prune juice

Cardboard man with a full deck

Dusty vinyl skips.

Orange marmalade

She rolls down her socks for toast

Forget Me Not blooms. 

Chatty dentures man

Weeping whiskers and a tan

Half off the sale price. 

Published by Michael Sean Erickson

I write, act, and produce films in Los Angeles. Everything else is conjecture.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Dentures Haikus

    1. “Chatty dentures” indicates that the man is talkative but insubstantial. His words are the semblance of real words, just like dentures are the semblance of real teeth. His words can be taken out and discarded, just like dentures. “Weeping whiskers” indicates melodrama. It is ostentatious weeping for the sake of being noticed. He is fake and showy, which is also indicated by his tan. Once we see that the man in this haiku is in essence a melodramatic and talkative fraud, we see that this showman is “half off the sale price.” Everything about him is puffery meant to sell you something, and his puffery is worth less than even the sale price.

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