The Commission

Logline: Mercedes Duran confronts her destiny, when she is forced into a secret society of human demigods organized by the elusive Commissioner to battle the demonic queen, Diabolique, over the fate of humanity. 

Overview: Under the command of the elusive Commissioner, the Commission is tasked with fighting back the influence of Diabolique, who wants to undermine global peace and stability by instigating international crimes and incidents. At times, the Commission battles Diabolique and her Night Demons directly. There is also the human drama of four young human demigods wanting to escape from the Commissioner, who forces all but Mercedes Duran back into their placental sacks after each successful mission. The human demigods see virtue in fighting Diabolique’s evil, but they also resent their imprisonment. Also, when freed to do missions, they struggle to forge meaningful connections with regular people. Over the seasons, the human demigods demand and receive more freedom and personal responsibility for their actions. Also, each of the human demigods, but for Mercedes Duran, starts to develop his or her own warrior team from among the demigods still slipping through a dimensional portal. 

Mercedes Duran is the lead character. From the start, she is set apart from the other members of the Commission. In time, she will be their undisputed leader. Nevertheless, the real arc of the series is tied more so to the Commissioner. To that purpose, revelations about him, his history, and his tragic situation will be important series milestones.  

Back Story: Deep in the sewers of New Orleans is a dimensional portal between our universe and a parallel universe of warrior demigods and demons. Centuries ago, the Commissioner negligently opened the portal from the demigod side, in order to try to save his wife and his small daughter from Diabolique. Opening the portal had been a violation of the Law of the Elders. His punishment is to stay in our universe and to organize the Commission to try to force Diabolique and her Night Demons back into the parallel universe. He cannot return to the parallel universe, and find out if his wife and his daughter have survived, until the Commission succeeds.

The original warrior demigods who escaped into our universe fathered a line of human demigods each marked by a unique power. Each of the ancestral lines, and corresponding power, pertain to one of those Four Elements defined by the ancient world: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Over the centuries, the Commissioner has sought out and kidnapped one human demigod from each of the generational lines except for Fire. The Commissioner has kept these persons in a comatose state in a protective placental sack, until he finds that elusive Fire descendant who alone can bring the spiritual spark of demigod life to the others. 

In the meantime, the Commission has been dormant in a catacomb beneath an ancient New Orleans cemetery, and Diabolique and her Night Demons thus have been free to tempt humans into all manners of self-destructive behavior. 

The Commissioner has not yet been able to do battle with Diabolique and her Night Demons. Nevertheless, while remaining unseen in the catacombs, he has been able to send out his trusted manservant, an Elfin Magician named Cyrano.

Furthermore, in more recent years, and through Cyrano as the middleman, the Commissioner has formed a relationship of mutual support with Dakota Black, a Native American and English mix who has inherited a fortune and is developing an underground, worldwide, social media empire. She intends for her platform to provide the social media of Facebook with the search engine of Google. As a result of his demigod status, the Commissioner provides her some helpful hints, which allow her to speed up the time it takes for coding. The Commissioner, in turn, has a tech ally, which he senses he will need if and when he finds his Fire and awakens the human demigods. 

In the first episode, a mysterious, black hooded witch named Soraya visits with Cyrano on the grounds of the New Orleans cemetery. She says that she can tell him the identity of the descendant of Fire, if Cyrano agrees to be her disciple in the arts of black magic. Cyrano agrees, since he knows how much his master wants that information. Soraya discloses Mercedes Duran as the descendant of Fire. The Commissioner sends Cyrano out to kidnap Mercedes Duran. When she is placed in the center of the Circle around which those human demigods have been comatose for years, her mysterious “fire spirit” awakens the three others.

Setting: Most of the series occurs in New Orleans, which will be as identifiable with “The Commission” as Hawaii with “Magnum, P.I.” The primary reason is to mix in the storytelling elements of Middle Earth fantasy, voodoo mysticism, and modern technology. The ancient world is not all that far beneath the surface of modern tech, and modern tech is the “witchcraft” of the twenty-first century. Also, New Orleans provides many venues of stunning and historical beauty, and some episodic adventures can tap into New Orleans folklore. 

Occasionally, the series occurs in the South Dakota Badlands, where we observe Dakota Black spending many afternoons on horseback on the secretive grounds of her social media empire. 

The series consists of the Commission fighting Diabolique and her Night Demons mostly by discovering and preventing those large scale international crimes or incidents, where the Commission finds out that Diabolique is the real power or instigator behind the possible crime or incident. For example, the Commission may discover that a Jihadist terrorist plot has Diabolique’s fingerprints all over it, and so for that reason they intercede to try to derail the plot. There may be times, therefore, where the action starts in New Orleans but proceeds to some other part of the world. In this way, the dramatic conflicts are seen as having a truly global reach and greater intensity. 


The Commissioner: Founder and Leader of the Commission, the Commissioner is a shadowy figure who has kidnapped each of the human demigods who together comprise the Commission. He sends them out on missions, after he kidnaps the Fire demigod, Mercedes Duran, and uses her “fire spirit” to awaken the others. Obsessed with figuring out how to beat back Diabolique, he comes across in the first two seasons as the heavy handed and controlling master with a conflicted personality that gives the human demigods their purpose but also robs them of too much of their freedom. Part of his curse is that he will not age until he has defeated Diabolique and closed the dimensional portal he opened.

His name and face are revealed in the third season. At first, his name is simply “Charles.” He is multi-ethnic, an ideal specimen of the ethnic melting pot that is New Orleans. He is middle aged, wiry, and smart. He wears his black hooded robe even when hiding far beneath the cemetery. His back story is revealed in pieces over the third and the fourth seasons. Instead of being the heavy handed controller of the first two seasons, Charles is revealed to be a tragic figure.  

In the fifth season, his name is revealed to be “Charles Duran.” He is a distant ancestor of Mercedes Duran. Though obsessed with defeating Diabolique, so he can return to his own universe to find out if his wife and his daughter survived, he had a brief relationship with a Persian fire witch named Golnar shortly after falling into our universe. Golnar is a distant ancestor of Soraya, and Soraya is a distant ancestor of Mercedes Duran. 

In the second half of the fifth season, Charles Duran operates in the open. Now, he knows that he must accompany Mercedes Duran in confronting Diabolique in a cataclysmic battle over control of our universe. 

In the second to the last episode, Charles Duran realizes that he must sacrifice himself to Diabolique to break the dark magic that she has used all this time to keep the dimensional portal open. This means he never finds out if his wife and his daughter had survived, but he puts the objective of the Commission over his own happiness. 

Mercedes Duran: Orphaned at a young age when her parents are killed in a car accident, Mercedes Duran is a Latina, pretty, smart woman in her mid-twenties pursuing a graduate degree at MIT, when she is kidnapped by Cyrano in the first episode. Within the Commission she discovers that she has the power to start a fire with her own concentrated thoughts. Since these fires cannot be controlled once started, she seldom uses this power. Instead, she relies on her incredible intelligence to defeat her enemies. She alone can awaken the others out of the placental sacks in which they remain comatose until needed for a mission. She never approves of how the elusive Commissioner controls the others, but she is not confident enough in her own leadership to confront the Commissioner until the third season.

In the first two seasons, Cyrano becomes her closest friend in the Commission. In the third season, at the urging of Soraya, Cyrano persuades Mercedes into at last aligning herself with her fellow human demigods, who have resented from the start their forced service. There is a Civil War within the Commission as the human demigods under Mercedes’s command battle the Commissioner, who is aided by the mercenary angel, Lucius. 

When the human demigods subdue Lucius (although do not kill him), Mercedes overrules the other human demigods, who want to kill the Commissioner and to end the Commission. Instead, she seeks out the Commissioner alone and agrees to a negotiated pact. The Commissioner agrees that the human demigods never again have to return to their placental sacks, and their future service to him is going to be voluntary. She also demands he reveal who he really is and what his objective is, and so over the third and the fourth seasons we learn his own back story. She starts to defend Charles from the others, who remain suspicious, and this hints at the revelation in the fifth season that she is related to Charles. 

In the second to the last episode, the dimensional portal seems to be closed for all time, when Diabolique dies on account of Charles Duran’s self-sacrifice. She leaves to pursue the other human demigods, who have been battling the last of the Night Demons. 

In the last episode, Cyrano reopens the dimensional portal with black magic at the urging of Soraya. Realizing that the dimensional portal can be closed again only on the other side, she reestablishes the Commission. She persuades all the other human demigods to join her in going through the dimensional portal. The series ends with a glimpse of the other universe, where demigods reign, and we understand that the adventures may continue either with more seasons or with a feature film. 

Jacques Beaufort: Originally sired in the eighteenth century by an aristocratic, Caribbean mother and a French explorer, Jacques is black, handsome, and very strong in his mid-twenties. He had been a freeman exploring the farthest reach of the Pacific Northwest, when Cyrano kidnapped him. He is a rugged man with greater sophistication than his hard exterior makes clear at first. His magic will be associated with “Earth.” Under intense concentration, he can lift, or he can break apart, virtually anything. He prefers to use his intelligence, though, since he wants his fellow human demigods to know he is as smart as them. 

Jacques is the most rebellious against the Commissioner, since he is proud that he had been born free and aristocratic. He is the first of the human demigods to rise up against the Commissioner in the third season. 

In the fifth season, Jacques forms a relationship with Annette Mutombo, who is an American of West African descent. He reveals the secret society to her, in spite of the rule against that, and she urges him to leave that behind to live for the rest of his years with her. He secretly marries her. 

In the last episode, Jacques agrees after much soul searching to accompany all the other human demigods in going to the other universe. Though Annette will be having his baby soon, he leaves her with the promise that he will return. 

Winston Xiao:  Originally sired in the nineteenth century by a British sea trader and an aristocratic woman, he is raised in China under his Chinese name, so as to identify with his Chinese roots. Winston is Asian, handsome, and one of the great swimmers of his time. He is closer to thirty, when he is kidnapped finally by Cyrano. Associated with the magic power of “Water,” Winston is like a deep underwater sonar when he concentrates. He can sense from thousands of miles away where there is stress. His weakness is in interpretation, and so he is much too likely to second guess himself when asked to use his power. 

Winston is especially close with Mercedes. He is reserved, but he is also much more mature than the others. He struggles with his sexual orientation, but he is not going to come out of the closet because of his deep Confucian discipline. 

Winston’s relationship with Jacques is sometimes difficult, but before stepping into the dimensional portal in the last episode he forgives Jacques. 

Glenna Scott: Originally a prostitute in a boardinghouse in Scotland in the early twentieth century, Glenna is a Scot, seductively pretty, street smart and in her mid-twenties. Associated with “Air,” her magic power is that she is able to hover high in the air when concentrating. This allows her to go over an obstruction or to peep into windows. 

Glenna seduces an Iranian gun dealer named Abid Rakhsha in the first season. As soon as the mission ends, she calls off the affair, but Abid spends the next two seasons trying to hunt her down. This brings him too close to their society. 

In the fourth season, Glenna falls in love with Stephen White, a CIA operator who is trying to find out if the Commission is real. She is conflicted by her love for him and her need to feed him misinformation. 

In the fifth season, Stephen White finds out about the Commission, and then he confronts Glenna. She persuades him to help their cause. 

In the last episode, Stephen White leaves with Glenna through the dimensional portal. 

Cyrano: Elfin servant first to the Commissioner and then to Mercedes Duran, he falls under the spell of Soraya in the first episode. Although he wants sincerely the information she can provide, he is also tempted to learn black magic from Soraya. Over the next few seasons, he is conflicted. Soraya visits with him now and then to tutor him in black magic, and yet he also tries to remain faithful to the Commission. 

Cyrano convinces Jacques to rebel against the Commissioner, and others follow Jacques’ lead. Guilty for his role in instigating the Civil War, he renounces that black magic; but the temptation takes over in the fourth season. 

In the fourth and the fifth seasons, Cyrano turns mad as a result of his guilt. He renounces the Commission entirely in the middle of the fifth season. Therefore he sides with Diabolique in the final confrontation. 

In the second to the last episode, Cyrano flees and hides in the sewers when he sees Diabolique defeated. In the last episode, he sneaks through the portal just before the Commission makes the leap. 

Soraya: Elderly witch in black hooded robe who shows up now and then in order to entice Cyrano to cause havoc in the Commission. She is motivated by a clear hatred for the Commissioner, since he had impregnated her ancestor and, thus, had passed his curse into her line. 

In the last episode, she entices Cyrano to use his black magic “to call upon the other side” to reopen the dimensional portal. She wants to convince Mercedes Duran and the New Commission to leave, and she wants to replace Diabolique. 

Diabolique: Athletic black woman in leather, she is the chief antagonist. She is seldom seen, but behind the scenes she is very capable in tempting humans to do evil. Her motivation is to cause instability worldwide so that the Commission remains on its toes. She is assisted by her Night Demons, athletic, young, white Albinos in dark sunglasses and trench coats. 

Dakota Black: Helps the Commission on some of its missions, in return for all of that helps that the Commissioner has given her in coding her social media. She is jealous of Mercedes Duran, and she tries unsuccessfully to seduce Winston in the second season. 

Disenchanted with the Commission after Charles loses some degree of his prior power in the third season, Dakota starts to talk to the CIA. Stephen White tries to make a deal with her, before Glenna persuades him that Dakota really does not have credibility. 

In the fifth season, she launches her new social media, but governments around the world shut her down. She needs help to figure out how to get around them, and so she returns to Charles Duran. In order to keep her loyal, Charles informs her what to do. She implements the coding, but then reaches out to Diabolique to make a deal with her. She senses Diabolique will win the final confrontation with the Commission eventually. 

Angus Fish: CIA operator in his mid-fifties who is on the trail of the Commission and moves to New Orleans for that reason. He dies near the end of the second season and is replaced in the third season with Stephen White. 

David Fish: Son of the CIA operator who is a classmate of Mercedes Duran over at MIT, when she is kidnapped. Motivated by a sexual interest, David Fish starts a personal crusade to find out where she had gone. His investigative work leads him to New Orleans. He passes on information to his father, Angus. 

In the third season, he is murdered by Michael Drumm, Mercedes’s boyfriend. 

Michael Drumm: White, handsome, blue collar man in his mid-twenties, his own family owns a restaurant in the French Quarter. Mercedes Duran meets him not too long after relocating to New Orleans. He is her protective boyfriend. He has no clue about the Commission, but catches the trail of David Fish. 

After murdering David Fish, Michael Drumm stays low, while the local cops are investigating. Mercedes is conflicted about helping him to evade the cops. 

In the fifth season, the cops determine that David Fish had been murdered by a local gang, and so Michael comes out of the shadows. He is killed near the end of the fifth season during a cataclysmic battle between the Commission and the Night Demons. It is during this battle that he first senses that Mercedes is part of something so much darker and bigger.      


First Season: The Commission comes alive. Each of the human demigods works to find his or her own identity in this secret society, while also struggling with the Commissioner’s heavy handedness. Mercedes forms an intimate relationship with Michael Drumm. Jacques Beaufort challenges Mercedes, since he resents her leadership. Winston Xiao quietly supports Mercedes, which separates him at once from Jacques. Glenna seduces Abid Rakhsha, while they all investigate an arms smuggling operation in the New Orleans port. Dakota Black requests help from the Commissioner in crackling a particularly difficult part of her software programming. The Commissioner helps, but only on the condition she uses her tech to analyze the complex shipping patterns at the port, which will allow for the Commission to figure out which ship is the ringleader in the arms smuggling operation. Cyrano starts to work with black magic. In order to master the art of confusion, he works on the captain of the ship designated as ringleader. Cyrano plays a small, but important, part in Mercedes’s efforts to get close to Xerxes, the captain of the ship, and thereby earns Mercedes’s trust. Angus Fish moves to New Orleans to pursue the Commission at the urging of his son, David, a MIT student obsessed with Mercedes. Night Demons murder and replace Xerxes just before the arms smuggling ring is compromised. They replace him with a shape shifting Night Demon who goes mad. Unable to control the new Xerxes, there is another attempted coup, which leads to a struggle among Night Demons and an overall breakdown of the arms smuggling operation. Enraged, Diabolique takes the chief Night Demons involved in this operation and drowns them one by one in the Mississippi Delta. 

Second Season: So resentful of the Commissioner’s heavy handedness, Jacques decides to set up his own operation and not to return to the secret society each night. Mercedes and the other human demigods rein him back into the fold. An explosion during a parade in the French Quarter drags New Orleans into a state of emergency, as the police and the FBI search for other terrorist plots. A local man named Warren Butts embraces the ISIS worldview and develops a small but dedicated cell of “Neo-Nazi Islamist.” The Commission is on the hunt, because it senses Diabolique’s influence. The Commissioner urges Dakota Black to help by providing truth telling software, but she demands the Commission do more than just provide programming advice. She wants the Commission very literally to muscle out her competition. Winston goes undercover with Warren’s group. He pretends to be a rightwing underwater bomb specialist. Glenna pushes back Abid’s advances, until she learns he is cooperating with Warren’s group. Glenna then tries to seduce information from him; but this time, he senses her intent, and he turns the tables on her. Night Demons start setting off explosions to get the Warren group more active. Soraya persuades Cyrano to plant a bomb in the heart of the Commission. The bomb is there for weeks ticking away. No one can feel its presence, because Cyrano has used black magic to shield it. Just before it is scheduled to explode, Cyrano has a change of heart, and he deactivates it. Angus Fish is dying of inoperable cancer. David Fish becomes more manic in his search for Mercedes. Realizing he is a spy, Warren’s group attacks Winston, and he flees from them into the Delta. In final confrontation with the Commission, Warren is revealed to be a winged toad in human form. Warren slithers into the Delta when his operation is defeated. Angus dies from his cancer. 

Third Season: At Soraya’s urging, Cyrano persuades Jacques to rebel against the Commission. Glenna joins forces with Jacques. Winston resurfaces from under the Delta. He urges Mercedes to resist this rebellion, because he does not trust Jacques’ intentions. The Commissioner elicits the help of Lucius, a mercenary angel, to beat back Jacques and Glenna. With Lucius on the scene, Mercedes is forced to side with her fellow human demigods, and Winston follows Mercedes. Taking advantage of the Civil War within the Commission, Diabolique recruits a voodoo priestess by the name of Mama Parker to revive the sleeping souls of all persons, slave or free, who had been the victim of injustice in New Orleans. As well as reviving these souls, Mama Parker confers upon them the motivation to do evil in revenge. The result is a town overridden by crazed ghouls destroying property and assaulting people. Stephen White replaces Angus as the CIA man on the hunt of the Commission. David pledges to help. Michael attacks and kills David for getting too close to Mercedes. Michael goes underground, while local police investigate. Dakota Black is upset with the Commissioner, because he is not willing to use the Commission to muscle out her competition, and so Dakota goes to Stephen to see about striking a deal. Glenna starts a relationship with Stephen, and urges him to ignore her. The human demigods defeat Lucius, and Mercedes negotiates an end to the war with the Commissioner. As part of their deal, the Commissioner starts to reveal his personal identity and his back story. Resentful of Mama Parker’s power, Soraya lets Cyrano know the source of all of the ghoul attacks in town; and the Commission confronts Mama Parker directly. Abid agrees to protect Mama Parker, if she will use her voodoo powers to make Glenna fall in love with him. The magic works, and Glenna is torn between her feelings for Stephen and for Abid. Following the logic of the original spell, that the ghouls avenge their “oppressors,” the ghouls collectively turn against Mama Parker. They join forces with the Commission against her. Mama Parker cannot maintain the “love spell,” and Glenna loses interest in Abid. In the end, Abid is killed defending Mama Parker; and the voodoo priestess escapes into the Delta.

Fourth Season: The Commission gets involved with attempting to thwart North Korean’s missile program, when it learns that the North Koreans are developing a kind of EMP detonation that, besides taking down power grids, could rip open a much larger dimensional portal. The Commission suspects Diabolique wants a bigger portal, so as to bring over from the parallel universe the Giants who are not slipping through the one portal that exists already. One of the North Korean arms dealers is operating out of New Orleans. The Commission traces him to his contacts in Germany and in Singapore. Jacques sets out for Germany; Winston for Singapore. Realizing that his human demigods need more help to wage what is clearly becoming a global conflict with Diabolique, the Commissioner casts a spell meant to draw more demigods through the portal. Jacques obtains a team of three other “Earth” warriors. They are identical, shape shifting, humanoids with perfect male physiques, who come out of the shadows only when Jacques calls them. Winston receives three Mermaid like creatures, who like himself are “Water” warriors. The “Earth” warriors end up helping Jacques in some hard, hand to hand combat situations in Germany. The “Water” warriors eavesdrop on conversations along the Singapore port, which helps Winston there to stop a shipment of a critical part of the EMP device. Cyrano renounces black magic as a result of the guilt he feels for his past misdeeds, but the temptation gets the best of him. He offers Mercedes to use his black magic to make her even more powerful, but she refuses. Unable to find any good purpose for his black magic, but also unwilling to let go of it, Cyrano turns mad. Dakota Black is furious that the Commission is so willing to proceed without her, and so she dedicates all of her programmers to developing viruses and malware that will derail specifically their operations. Diabolique senses her rage, and she offers herself as a better replacement for the Commissioner. The Commission prevents North Korea from smuggling the component parts for its EMP device, and so Night Demons go into North Korea and work directly with the government there to develop the EMP device from what is at hand. Mercedes has been back in New Orleans, offering emotional support to her boyfriend, who is hiding from the law, and developing a relationship with the Commissioner. When she learns that North Korea will be launching an EMP device soon, she travels into North Korea herself to derail the launch. With the Commission abroad or preoccupied, Soraya urges Cyrano now to murder the Commissioner. This drives him into deeper madness, as he is torn by his dual loyalties. Glenna almost kills Stephen, when he gets too close to the Commission. At the last moment, she is able to lead him down the wrong path. Mercedes sabotages the North Korean missile. She reunites the Commission.

Fifth Season: The local police exonerate Michael of killing David. He comes out of hiding, and he insists that Mercedes start to reveal the secrets she is keeping from him. Dakota Black launches her new social media, but it is just as quickly shut down by the world’s governments. She goes to the Commissioner for help, since she is still not certain about Diabolique. The Commissioner helps her, but she sides with Diabolique anyway in the developing confrontation. Jacques and Winston almost come to blows. Winston retreats into a life of meditation out in the countryside. Glenna discovers she is pregnant with Stephen’s baby, and she struggles with what to do. The Commissioner reveals to Mercedes that he is her direct ancestor, and then he urges her to help him directly confront Diabolique and her Night Demons. Diabolique summons the Giants through the one existing dimensional portal, and she sets them loose on the world. Jacques and his own team set out at once. Mercedes has to persuade Winston to come back into the fold. When she does so, he and his team also set out to fight the Giants. There is a battle in Siberia, as Giants overtake a Russian naval nuclear base. Jacques and Winston, and their respective teams, join forces to free the base from the Giants. Glenna learns of a conspiracy between a prominent New Orleans tycoon and the Giants to take over the city. Before she can pass on the information to Mercedes, she is kidnapped by the tycoon for sex slavery. Glenna seduces the tycoon, and she kills him in bed. She escapes back to New Orleans just in time to warn Mercedes about the coup. Glenna and Mercedes join forces to confront the Giants in the streets of New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Before they return from their success in Russia, Jacques and Winston again almost come to blows. Back in New Orleans, Jacques starts his relationship with Annette Mutombo. Winston is drawn back into a life of meditation. The Commission seems to have beaten back Diabolique’s latest plot, but the Commissioner senses danger is afoot. He comes out of the sewers, so as to confront Diabolique directly. Cyrano flees the Commission into Diabolique’s service. Diabolique releases a second, and much greater, onslaught of Giants, Winged Toads, and Gargoyles to throw the entire world into “End Times” paranoia. Jacques rejoins the fight, even though he is happy for once with Annette Mutombo. Winston also abandons what he loves to rejoin the fight. Diabolique rejects Cyrano, and he is left to wander alone deep in the sewers. Michael joins in one of the fights against Diabolique’s forces, and he is killed in the process. Stephen learns about the details of the Commission, and he confronts Glenna about all her lies. In a great battle in the desert of the Southwest, Jacques and Winston, and their respective teams, defeat the whole collection of Giants, Winged Toads, and Gargoyles Diabolique had assembled in recent weeks. Diabolique flees to the dimensional portal to seek out more evil beasts from the parallel universe. The Commissioner and Mercedes are awaiting her there at the edge of the portal. The Commissioner sacrifices himself to his enemy, Diabolique, and the portal is closed. Diabolique vanishes. It is not clear if she died, or if she had been sucked back into the parallel universe. Soraya is anxious to get rid of the Commission and to replace Diabolique, and so she tells Cyrano to reopen the portal using his black magic. He does so, although in fact what he does is to inspire some dark entity in the parallel universe to reopen it from that side. Mercedes assists Jacques and Winston in defeating the last of the Night Demons. Mercedes learns about new portal and determines that this one has been opened from the other side. She reconstitutes the Commission to go into the parallel universe to undo what has been done. Jacques marries his beloved, Annette, who is pregnant with his baby, and promises to return to her as soon as possible. Cyrano escapes into the portal. The Commission escapes as well into the portal. Glenna brings Stephen with her. Soraya roams the sewers alone. She is triumphant. She calls upon all the dark entities to come unto her.

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